Fix the Mix



Virginia’s law requiring restaurants to earn 45% gross receipts from food to sell liquor is antiquated and meaningless. It’s time to let Virginia businesses thrive.

Fix the Mix is a nonpartisan, independent, citizen and volunteer-led effort to push for common sense reform of Virginia’s peculiar food rules for mixed beverage licensees. Reducing the burden under current law will:

  • Promote choice for consumers and business owners alike, to decide more of their offerings based on what their customers want rather than what the Commonwealth of Virginia believes they should want.
  • Increase revenue for the state, localities, and businesses alike, through increased profits of the state-run liquor wholesale business, increased alcohol and meals taxation, and the ability for operators to sell higher-margin spirits with less threat of regulatory obstacles.
  • Build Virginia’s reputation as an exciting place to visit and experience world-class dining, bringing more friends from around the nation and the globe to experience our hospitality.
  • Support small performing arts venues which would love to provide Virginians with more live music and entertainment, but haven’t been given any of the myriad loopholes that large arenas have to let them get away with skirting the food requirements.

Virginia deserves better than being guided by arbitrary, anti-competitive policy. Passing HB219 through this year’s General Assembly will improve the way Virginia does business, and we and our many supporters are strongly in favor.

Take action to reduce the mixed beverage ratio today.