Fix the Mix

Reform Supporters: Belle Isle Craft Spirits

January 18, 2016 | 1 Minute Read

The new Virginia economy is built on our commonwealth’s well-deserved reputation for exceptional craftsmanship, but laws dating back to the old Virginia economy stymie our progress.

When Belle Isle Craft Spirits decided to open for business in Virginia in 2013, they were eager to be a part of Virginia’s growing enthusiasm for homegrown, premium products that discerning consumers clamor for. Committing to producing corn spirits with a long and storied pedigree in the Old Dominion, their organic, consistently smooth Virginia moonshine stands a cut above other products crowding the shelves, and quickly developed a devoted fan base.

As a small business with big ambitions, Belle Isle Craft Spirits supports leveling the playing field for Virginia’s many small, locally-owned restaurants by reducing the unfair, meaningless food-beverage ratio. Vince Riggi, CEO of Belle Isle Craft Spirits, writes:

“We are in full support of HB219. Our current system puts a smaller craft restaurant, that doesn’t have a food huge operation or has a customer base that enjoys a more expensive, premium beverage, at a huge disadvantage.

We have seen tremendous progress surrounding wine and beer regulations, and this will move distilled spirits in the right direction, thus helping our small but growing list of Virginia distilleries.

Anytime we can review an older Virginia alcohol policy, and give it a hard refresh, we are all for it.”

Not only does Mr. Riggi’s company make the kind of high-quality spirits that Virginians have proven they love to enjoy, he’s right that Virginia’s current 45% law holds Belle Isle and other small businesses back, and the time to make things right is now.

Stand with Belle Isle Craft Spirits and the Virginia distillery industry and support ratio reform today.